Spiritual Response Technique

I was introduced to Spiritual Response Technique (SRT) by a friend late in 2012 when I was wishing to manifest major changes in my life, including releasing the responsibility for Oregon House in order to focus on my personal healing practice. Working with SRT helped me release unconscious blocks to making those changes and I believe was instrumental in the quick and graceful sales of Oregon House and our home in Seal Rock and finding the perfect new home in Eugene, where I now live.

I trained with Jan Harris, who has been working with SRT for more than 20 years and serves on the Board of the Spiritual Response Association. I found this work to be powerful and very much in line with my personal mission to help facilitate healing and empowerment through spiritual alignment, and I am so grateful to now be able to offer this technique to those who are drawn to work with me.

SRT uses dowsing to bypass the conscious mind and connect with spiritual guidance and the Akashic Records in order to release negative programming and blocks. It is based on the premise that we have all experienced previous existence in both spiritual and incarnational realms and that negative energy and limiting beliefs from these and current experiences are stored in our soul records in the Akashic field. These can account for repeated patterns which block our ability to realize our full potential and manifest our greater good in this lifetime. Using SRT we work to identify and clear this limiting programming and replace it with positive energy and inner peace. In doing so old habits and patterns can be released, emotional and physical issues can be transformed and false beliefs, perceptions and attitudes can be changed and replaced with greater clarity, balance, self-acceptance, joy and harmony.

“Of the many modalities of healing I have experienced in the 20 years I have been practicing natural medicine, most have been so subtle that I have not noticed any change or the changes happened much later. During my SRT session with Melita there were three times when I physically, emotionally and energetically felt massive shifts. When the waves passed, I was new and refreshed as I had never felt before. My practice benefited that very day. That evening I dreamed about past experiences in a way that I knew I had finally let go of them, and for the next few weeks my body dynamics and energetics were as if I had fasted or cleansed for years. I have immense gratitude for Melita and the work she has done for me, my family and my practice.”
—Isaac Hendler MAc LAc Corvallis, OR

SRT was created by Robert Detzler.

Cost: $90 for a full clearing including a 90-minute session in person or by phone and a 30 minute follow-up session by phone.

Please email or call me to book a session.