Meet Melita

I was born in England and educated at Cambridge University, majoring in Natural Sciences. After several years gaining valuable training and experience in the Cambridge high tech business world, I joined a colleague in founding a company to exploit ink jet technology for product coding. We took that company to a public stock market release after 7 years, when I retired to train as a healer while engaged on my own journey back to self which took me around the world. I came to the US in 1996 with nothing but a dream and mission, seeded at Scotland’s Findhorn Community, to establish a retreat center. A year later, that dream became Oregon House, a retreat center on the coast dedicated to empowerment through purification, healing and spiritual alignment. In 2013, after 16 years holding that container, it was time to move on from Oregon House to develop my personal practice. I write about my experiences and continue to travel on my own spiritual journey. I proudly became a US citizen in 2007 and live with my husband in Eugene.

Highlights of Melita’s Healing Training

  • Spiritual Response Technique with Jan Harris (Eugene, OR)
  • Prenatal & Birth Therapy with Ray Castellino (CA)
  • Integrative Cranio Sacral Therapy with Mary Louise Muller (CA)
  • Soul Retrieval with Sandra Ingerman and Dr. Theo Paredes (Peru)
  • Energy Balancing with The McNeil School of Therapeutic Healing (UK)
  • Person-Centered Counseling with Metanoia and Spectrum (UK)
  • Grief Therapy with RIGPA and St. Clare Hospice (UK)

Highlights of Melita’s Education and Business Resume

  • Oregon House Retreat Center – founder and CEO (OR)
  • Domino Printing Sciences Plc – Director start-up company to stock market flotation (UK)
  • Analogue Electronic Workshop Limited – Director start-up company (UK)
  • Cambridge Consultants Limited – P.A. to Managing Director (UK)
  • London Business School – Small Business Senior Executive Program (UK)
  • MA in Natural Sciences – Cambridge University (UK)

Other stuff

  • Theatre directing at The Drama Studio in London
  • Psychological Astrology at the Center for Psychological Astrology in London

My spiritual path

As a child I read whatever I could get my hands on in an attempt to understand the world I found myself in. Later, as a science student, I was fascinated to discover that everything was an expression of energy, so that when I came to study energy healing, the concepts and the work came naturally to me. As a seeker, I traveled to and marveled at many centers of spiritual power – in Europe, India, Tibet, Nepal, Egypt. But my awakening came in 1990 at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. I was burned out from work and unable to attract or keep a healthy and supportive relationship. A spiritual counselor I consulted told me I needed to be “touched by the hand of God” and suggested spending some time at Findhorn. Well, I did and I was and the veils opened briefly. I saw beams of golden light and was led on a fantastical search while receiving amazing teachings clairaudiently. This spiritual initiation changed my life. The mission to establish a retreat center was seeded, but I still had a path of healing to walk before I was ready. Since then I have read widely the teachings of many enlightened beings representing many spiritual paths. Through my work at Oregon House, I hosted groups following many spiritual traditions, and I honor them all. I have also experienced for myself worlds of non-ordinary reality through medicine work in Peru. A trip to Assisi and a connection with the Franciscans was immensely powerful. As a scientist I easily embrace a holographic view of existence. I am excited to be alive at a time of massive transformation of human consciousness which I believe is shifting in response to an intensification of universal forces.